With their engaging mix of original and traditional music from Northern Europe and Scandinavia, SYM have a rare crossover appeal for both classical and folk-orientated audiences. Since SYM was formed in 2007, Clare Salaman, Eléonore Billy and Anne Hytta have been receiving acclaim for their performances and more recently for their debut CD, Symbiosis, which was released in Oslo in April 2008.

Their music is played on a collection of unique instruments, all of which have sympathetic (resonating) strings - the Norwegian hardingfele (fiddle), Swedish nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) and the hurdy gurdy. Both visually exciting and with an ethereal sound, these are instruments which never fail to fascinate audiences.

Alongside their concerts, SYM are happy to give associated workshops or masterclasses.

'Norwegian hardanger violins, Swedish nyckelharpas and the hurdy gurdy are brandished here to conjure up an eerie, natural environment which is both refreshing and magical....Heady and unique'   Musician

‘…a magnificent and truly symbiotic union of musical minds 
and talents’ Taplas

‘Great music, great stage presence. The audience 
loved them’ Pentreffest Festival

‘Exquisite, warm, rich and texture-laden sound’ Taplas

‘Book them! Trad magazine, France