Eléonore Billy plays nyckelharpa, bass nyckelharpa, hardanger violin and violin. She was the first French musician to study the nyckelharpa at the Eric Salhstrom Institute, the only specialist nyckelharpa course in the world, and during her time there she made her first nyckelharpa and has since made a children’s nyckelharpa and a moraharpa (a medieval nyckelharpa) in the workshop of Jean-Claude Condi. She now teaches on up to 6 nyckelharpa courses a year in France and the UK. She collaborates with musicians from diverse musical backgrounds including rock, traditional, classical and improvisation and her style of playing is influenced by this experience. She writes, arranges, records and performs with the musicians of her different groups; Drakkan, Boann, SYM, Duo Billy-Sauniere, Cordenstock and Tokso.